Even flow


The game’s hand-drawn an­i­ma­tion is un­de­ni­ably char­ac­ter­ful, and echoes the aes­thetic of Ico and Shadow

Of The Colos­sus. But com­bin­ing it with The

Last Guardian’s more com­plex geom­e­try has proven trou­ble­some. “That’s an area we’ve strug­gled with greatly,” lead an­i­ma­tor Masanobu Tanaka ad­mits. “We don’t use mo­tion cap­ture, only hand­made an­i­ma­tion, but we try to fol­low the rules of physics as much as pos­si­ble. One thing we do is in­stead of play­ing just a nor­mal an­i­ma­tion, we have a very com­plex set of an­i­ma­tions that are lay­ered and blended, so even just for the ges­ture of lay­ing a hand on the wall, we’re us­ing the PS4’s pro­cess­ing power to achieve it.”

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