Sev­eral of Yooka and Laylee’s late-game abil­i­ties have been en­abled for our demo, mean­ing that, while they won’t be able to fly un­til the very end of the game, the pair are quickly able to reach a dis­tant is­land that would nor­mally re­quire them to pa­tiently tra­verse the gi­ant mon­u­ment in the ex­panded ver­sion of the first world. A big fan of speedrun­ners, Price has plans to in­tro­duce a New Game+ mode where play­ers can start again from scratch with all Yooka and Laylee’s moves un­locked. “I want to watch peo­ple re­play the game and [at­tempt] ex­ist­ing chal­lenges with those [abil­i­ties],” he says. “You see some re­ally cre­ative feats go­ing on in speedruns, where you won­der how on Earth they’re do­ing it – even to the stage where they’re break­ing the game to bug through it. I love that stuff. So while we’re cre­at­ing this crafted ex­pe­ri­ence, we are ac­tu­ally think­ing of ways to break that for­mula up.”

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