Mul­ti­ple plat­form­ing paths mean that glim­mer­ing trea­sures are less ob­vi­ous than in the past, where a fork in the road sig­nalled the ob­jec­tive was down one path and some­thing shiny awaited on the other. They’re worth seek­ing out here, though. Fin­ish the game and a pause-screen menu leads to a raft of un­lock­able bonuses bought with points ac­crued by find­ing trea­sures and trig­ger­ing op­tional con­ver­sa­tions. Al­ter­nate ren­der­ing modes let you play through the game with sepia or cel-shaded fil­ters; char­ac­ter skins mean you can send Nathan to a swanky party in a wet­suit. Best of all, you can give him the weapon of your choos­ing at any time, and bless him with in­fi­nite ammo. It’s a smart way of en­cour­ag­ing ev­ery­one, rather than just Tro­phy hunters, to poke around off the beaten track.

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