How Bossa finds the good in any sit­u­a­tion


Worlds Adrift used to have sim­u­lated weather, but while it was a good idea on pa­per, it af­fected game­play neg­a­tively. But in the rem­nants of that sys­tem, Bossa found new pos­si­bil­i­ties. “I think if most peo­ple had tech­nol­ogy that en­ables awe­some clouds, you’ll look up in the sky and see awe­some clouds,” Cornil­lon says. “But that’s not the im­por­tant bit – be­cause they’re vol­u­met­ric, we can now use them for game­play, so you can have ships that can hide in­side the clouds, and come out and sur­prise peo­ple. Yes, they look fab­u­lous – but now we can de­sign game­play around the fact that they have vol­ume.”

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