Lor­dran & Be­yond www.bit.ly/dark­soulscomic A col­lab­o­ra­tive we­b­comic se­ries founded by writer Zach Sharpe, Lor­dran & Be­yond is a build­ing col­lec­tion of fan­cre­ated DarkSouls and

Blood­borne vi­gnettes. Spar­ingly told and beau­ti­fully il­lus­trated, the charm­ing strips ex­plore the dusty cor­ners of FromSoft­ware’s po­tent lore with a mix of wide-eyed ven­er­a­tion and stud­ied in­sight. The new­est ad­di­tion to a grow­ing set is Sto­ry­teller, which sees Gal­van stum­bling through the Shaded Woods, flagon in hand, be­fore meet­ing another fa­mil­iar face. The site has also re­cently up­loaded its first DarkSoul­sIII story, called In Her Ser­vice, in which a thief takes pos­ses­sion of a Red Eye Orb from a fallen hero, all the while be­ing watched by the wily Greirat. The first of a three-part se­ries, In Her Ser­vice is also the site’s best-look­ing ef­fort to date.

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