Sphere of in­flu­ence


Your avatar is a ca­pa­ble enough swim­mer, al­beit with a very lim­ited lung ca­pac­ity, forc­ing you to the sur­face be­fore you’ve had the chance to ex­plore be­low wa­ter. Some of

In­side’s more leisurely se­quences, how­ever, see you clam­ber in­side a bathy­sphere, equipped with a torch­light to il­lu­mi­nate the gloom; what lit­tle nat­u­ral light fil­ters through to ground level rarely stretches be­neath the sur­face. As you glide through the pas­sage­ways of a hulk­ing ca­daver – ei­ther a sunken ship or a gi­ant un­der­sea craft – you can crank your ve­hi­cle’s levers for a burst of speed that can smash through bar­ri­caded doors or widen cracks in the hull. Do­ing so means your light is dimmed for a brief pe­riod, but surely that can’t cause any prob­lems. Can it?

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