The hunt be­gins


Which comes first: the de­sign of a mon­ster, or the me­chan­ics of the en­counter? The an­swer, it turns out, de­pends on who pro­posed it. “We have both de­sign­ers and plan­ners,” Tsu­ji­moto tells us. “Plan­ners work more on the be­hav­iours and the sys­tems, so if a plan­ner pro­poses a mon­ster de­sign then it prob­a­bly starts with what it’ll do, and then the de­sign­ers will work on how it looks, and vice versa. So we ap­proach it from ev­ery an­gle.” Game flow is also an im­por­tant con­sid­er­a­tion: the game may ben­e­fit from a spe­cific mon­ster at a cer­tain stage, and the team will find some­thing to fit that slot. And some­times the pitch is much sim­pler, as with sig­na­ture beast Glavenus: “Let’s do a di­nosaur mon­ster with a re­ally big tail like a sword!” Tsu­ji­moto grins.

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