De­vel­oper/ pub­lisher Ur­vo­gel Games For­mat PC Ori­gin US Re­lease Jan­uary Not, alas, a nar­ra­tive ad­ven­ture about a fight­ing game ex­pert, but a di­nosaur sur­vival sim made with ad­mirable sci­en­tific rigour. With in­put from palaeon­tol­o­gists, this small team has recre­ated a chunk of the Hell Creek For­ma­tion, a kind of ground zero for fos­sils in South Dakota. You’ll guide your cho­sen beast from birth to ma­tu­rity, us­ing each species’ strengths to avoid preda­tors, hunt, court and breed. Now, if only we could talk to these crea­tures…

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