Power creep is mean­ing­less with­out a com­men­su­rate in­crease in dif­fi­culty, and GungHo has cer­tainly pro­vided the lat­ter. One so­lu­tion is the Rogue dun­geon, where your en­tire party starts at level one, rank­ing up as mon­sters are de­feated. But PAD’s true endgame is the Ul­ti­mate Arena, a 20-bat­tle dun­geon with a boss mon­ster on ev­ery floor, the last of which will one-shot you un­less you deal out 20 mil­lion dam­age points on the first turn. A highly en­gaged global com­mu­nity quickly de­vised strate­gies for the dun­geon – too quickly for GungHo’s lik­ing, ap­par­ently. Arena 2 launched in Jan­uary, and upped the dif­fi­culty even fur­ther, while ver­sion three re­cently ar­rived in Ja­pan, as GungHo con­tin­ues its at­tempt to stay one step ahead of its play­ers.

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