Reg­u­lar E3 ob­servers are no strangers to the con­cept of a trailer that ends up bear­ing lit­tle re­sem­blance to the fi­nal prod­uct, and Breath Of The Wild’s un­veil­ing two years ago risked pre­cisely that. While run­ning in re­al­time and in-en­gine, Aon­uma ad­mits it was a scene cre­ated es­pe­cially for the trailer. Its cli­mac­tic mo­ment – where Link fires a cou­ple of ar­rows at a laser-eyed en­emy from horse­back, be­fore jump­ing off and aim­ing the killing blow with his bow in mid-air – was not, at the time, pos­si­ble in the game it­self.

“Af­ter cre­at­ing the trailer, I re­ally wanted to put that in the game,” he tells us. “So I ended up mak­ing it come true.” In­deed, not only can Link fire ar­rows on horse­back, but if he jumps and draws his bow, time slows as you line up your tar­get. “There’s a lot I learned from that trailer,” Aon­uma says. “Once we’d put that el­e­ment in the game, it made us think: what else can we do with this en­emy? How else could we fight it? It ex­panded to new story ideas as well. The trailer be­came the ba­sis for the whole game.”

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