Breath Of The Wild may not ar­rive on shelves un­til next March, but the game cer­tainly feels ready for the main stage al­ready – and so, in­evitably, are its tie-in Ami­ibo. Yet while you wait for Breath Of The Wild and its as­so­ci­ated plas­tic fig­ures to ar­rive, you could do worse than fire up Twi­light Princess HD. The Wolf Link Ami­ibo re­leased along­side Nin­tendo’s re­make of Link’s Game Cube and Wii out­ing can also be used in Breath Of The Wild, spawn­ing a lupine ally that fights along­side you, and alerts you to nearby en­e­mies and re­sources. You won’t be able to use it right at the start of the game, since you must ac­quire a rune for your Sheikah Slate be­fore Ami­ibo func­tion­al­ity is un­locked. And with good rea­son: Wolf Link of­fers quite the boost. In Twi­light Princess it gives ac­cess to a chal­lenge dun­geon, the Cave Of Shad­ows; com­ple­tion data is saved to the Ami­ibo, and car­ries over to Breath Of The Wild, your re­main­ing hearts in Twi­light Princess dic­tat­ing your new pet’s health bar.

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