Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

De­vel­oper/pub­lisher CD Pro­jekt (Red) For­mat PC, Xbox One Re­lease TBA


For many Witcher III play­ers, Ger­alt Of Rivia wasn’t re­ally the out­door type, be­com­ing ever more of a shut-in as he in­dulged his hid­den love of CCGs. Gwent was one of Wild Hunt’s un­ex­pected tri­umphs, a beau­ti­fully pre­sented and dan­ger­ously com­pul­sive pas­time that gave you a table­top war to wage. Hav­ing re­ceived thou­sands of email re­quests from fans, CD Pro­jekt Red has elected to turn it into a stand­alone game. It seems a smart move, but while it passed muster as an aside from ad­ven­tur­ing, there are ques­tions over its depth and longevity. The stu­dio is mak­ing the right noises, how­ever: it’s keep­ing the ac­ces­si­ble core me­chan­ics and build­ing upon them, while of­fer­ing cross­plat­form sup­port and what it calls a “mon­u­men­tal” sin­gle­player cam­paign. A beta ver­sion launches on Xbox One and Win­dows 10 PCs in Septem­ber.

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