Call Of Duty: In­fi­nite War­fare

De­vel­oper In­fin­ity Ward Pub­lisher Ac­tivi­sion For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease No­vem­ber 4


In­fi­nite War­fare’s an­nounce­ment trailer may have set a new record as the most dis­liked video in YouTube his­tory, but there’s plenty to like about COD’s con­tin­u­ing ob­ses­sion with the fu­ture, which this time sees it breach the strato­sphere and head into outer space. This isn’t COD’s first time in near-Earth or­bit – In­fin­ity Ward’s pre­vi­ous out­ing, 2013’s Call Of Duty:

Ghosts, had a cou­ple of space shootouts – but In­fi­nite War­fare goes a step fur­ther. At the end of an un­re­mark­able on-foot sec­tion in which you de­stroy a suc­ces­sion of dis­ap­point­ingly bul­let-spongey robot in­vaders, you step into a craft and fly straight up into space for a pacey, ex­plo­sive dog­fight. Out­side your craft, a grap­pling hook gives you some es­sen­tial con­trol in the weight­less en­vi­ron­ment, ei­ther pulling your­self to­wards nearby scenery or yank­ing an en­emy over for a melee kill.

The real rea­son for all those down­votes is Ac­tivi­sion’s de­ci­sion to limit avail­abil­ity of the long-ru­moured COD4 re­make to those who buy an In­fi­nite War­fare spe­cial edi­tion. An all-too-brief look at the first Mod­ern War­fare’s open­ing cam­paign mis­sion, Wet Work, shows it may well be worth the price. And if the blend of space bat­tles and more tra­di­tional

COD shootouts doesn’t raise the pulse, you can al­ways fire up an old favourite like Crash for a few rounds of Dom­i­na­tion.

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