Star Trek: Bridge Crew

De­vel­oper Red Storm En­ter­tain­ment Pub­lisher Ubisoft For­mat Rift, PSVR Re­lease 2016


Spaceteam may have got the jump on Ubisoft with its panicin­duc­ing in­ter­stel­lar co-op ad­ven­tures, but Star Trek: Bridge Crew goes fur­ther in its fan­tasy ful­fil­ment. Hand­ing you and three other play­ers con­trol of the USS Aegis bridge, your mis­sion is to ex­plore a mostly un­charted sec­tor of space with a view to find­ing a home world for the newly plan­et­less Vul­cans. Un­for­tu­nately, the Klin­gons are in­ter­ested in the area, too. You play in one of four roles: cap­tain, helm, tac­ti­cal or engi­neer­ing. AI will fill in for ab­sent friends, but like Spaceteam, Bridge Crew thrives on gar­bled in­struc­tions and the ten­sion in­her­ent in re­ly­ing on other play­ers to do their job well. FTL play­ers should set­tle into the engi­neer­ing role quickly as you at­tempt to man­age the power be­ing pushed to shields, phasers and en­gines. Those on the helm must deal with a con­fus­ing ar­ray of maps along with throt­tle and head­ing con­trols, and a tempt­ing chrome-plated warp-drive lever.

The at­ten­tion to de­tail is tremen­dous, and every but­ton and slider you fid­dle with makes a pleas­ingly recog­nis­able sound. But it’s not un­til our at­tempt to res­cue some stranded sci­en­tists, af­ter re­spond­ing to a dis­tress sig­nal, quickly de­volves into a tooth-and-nail bat­tle against a Klin­gon War­bird that

Bridge Crew’s so­cially led dy­namism re­veals its po­ten­tial.

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