PlaySta­tion VR Worlds


De­vel­oper Lon­don Stu­dio Pub­lisher SIE For­mat PSVR Re­lease Oc­to­ber

In name and con­cept, PlaySta­tion VR Worlds is the per­fect bun­dle game, short show­cases of what Sony’s hard­ware is ca­pa­ble of. In re­al­ity, it’s a stand­alone pack­age that seems des­tined to be over­looked, as PSVR’s early adopters are drawn to fully fleshed-out games with more star power.

While finely im­ple­mented, noth­ing in Sony Lon­don Stu­dio’s five-game bun­dle par­tic­u­larly sets the pulse rac­ing. Lon­don Heist is a Guy Ritchie-style gang­land thriller. Into The Deep is an un­set­tling un­der­wa­ter roller­coaster. VR Luge sends you ca­reen­ing down a Cal­i­for­nia hill­side, while

Scavenger’s Odyssey has you pot­ter­ing around an alien planet look­ing for sup­plies. Fi­nally, Dan­ger

Ball is 3D Pong you con­trol with your head, us­ing flicks and head­butt moves for spin and ex­tra power. The £35 price tag may be op­ti­mistic.

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