Mass Ef­fect: An­dromeda

De­vel­oper BioWare Pub­lisher EA For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease Q1 2017


Given the re­sponse to Mass Ef­fect 3’ s end­ing, it’s no sur­prise BioWare would want to get as far away from it as pos­si­ble; in

An­dromeda’s case, ap­prox­i­mately 2.5 mil­lion light years. As new pro­tag­o­nist Ry­der – a younger, less ex­pe­ri­enced lead than Shep­ard – you’re tasked with lo­cat­ing some­where new for hu­man­ity to set­tle. With a tril­lion stars for your Pathfinder team to pick from, you may be spoilt for choice.

Con­sid­er­ing An­dromeda’s re­lease date, its EA Play out­ing gave away alarm­ingly lit­tle. Still, the in-en­gine footage is a clear im­prove­ment. As with Dragon Age: In­qui­si­tion, it’s us­ing DICE’s Frost­bite 3 tech, but vis­ually this is a cut above BioWare’s fan­tasy RPG. The fa­cial an­i­ma­tion in par­tic­u­lar is ex­em­plary, high­lighted in a glimpse at a new Asari char­ac­ter.

The Tem­pest, mean­while, is your new Nor­mandy, a hub from which to jump to new worlds. These will be more ex­pan­sive than in pre­vi­ous games, with the pres­ence of man­made struc­tures sug­gest­ing you’ll be able to set up a base camp on each planet. To ex­plore that space, you’ll use a new model of the re­cal­ci­trant moon buggy, the Mako, which looks more re­spon­sive than its an­tecedent. The re­turn of ther­mal clips may prove rather less pop­u­lar, but then it wouldn’t be

Mass Ef­fect with­out at least one el­e­ment to di­vide the fan­base.

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