Agents Of May­hem

De­vel­oper/pub­lisher Deep Sil­ver (Vo­li­tion) For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease 2017


This is the log­i­cal next step for Vo­li­tion, a stu­dio that dragged the cast of the Saints Row se­ries ever closer to su­per­hero sta­tus and that ended Saints

Row IV by de­stroy­ing the Earth. Hav­ing writ­ten and de­signed it­self into a corner, it’s choos­ing to blast its way out with Agents Of May­hem, a game that owes a debt to the likes of Over­watch and Destiny but has no PVP com­po­nent, and which gives a sin­gle player con­trol over a three-per­son fireteam.

You can switch be­tween char­ac­ters at the touch of a but­ton, al­low­ing the lone wolf to en­joy the sort of syn­er­gis­tic in­ter­play of a team shooter or MOBA, your every ac­tion filling a shared su­per me­ter. For bet­ter or worse, it seems Saints Row’s per­son­al­ity has been con­signed to the bin, but this is an in­trigu­ing premise that al­ready feels sat­is­fy­ingly well im­ple­mented.

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