Shadow War­rior 2

De­vel­oper Fly­ing Wild Hog Pub­lisher De­volver Dig­i­tal For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease 2016


More than any other as­pect, Shadow War­rior 2’ s dev team seem most proud of the num­ber of dick jokes they’ve crammed into the game. There’s the sus­pi­ciously shaped De­monic Rod arte­fact we find dur­ing our mis­sion, and the Dickus Ma­jor con­stel­la­tion in the sky above us, while the lead char­ac­ter is still called Lo Wang. But Fly­ing Wild Hog’s phal­lic fix­a­tion hides a pro­found over­haul­ing of the orig­i­nal game. Shadow War­rior 2 now ran­domly gen­er­ates its lev­els and bol­sters that po­ten­tial for re­playa­bil­ity with a pro­ce­dural loot sys­tem. The first game’s fid­dly con­trols have been sim­pli­fied, and new dash and climb­ing moves make get­ting around a plea­sure. Now you can do it with three friends too, in drop-in/out four­player co-op, dis­mem­ber­ing en­e­mies with an ex­panded se­lec­tion of guns and melee weapons.

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