Quake Champions

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There’s some dis­con­tent at the way Quake is be­ing re­born as a hero shooter, but it’s hard to imag­ine Id’s pacy arena gun­play be­ing rein­car­nated in any other way. And for all that Doom called back to the twitchy flow of ’90s PC shoot­ers, it came loaded with pro­gres­sion sys­tems, col­lectibles and a mul­ti­player mode. Ei­ther way, Doom’s glo­ri­ous re­turn has earned Id no end of good­will and, for now, the ben­e­fit of the doubt, too. As if to as­suage any lin­ger­ing doubts about who

Champions is aimed at, Id says it will be PC-ex­clu­sive. In fact, it will run at a con­stant 120Hz, de­signed to ac­com­mo­date what the stu­dio de­scribes as the “in­hu­man” skills of the PC-play­ing elite. Con­sider our in­ter­est piqued, but there’ll be a wait: char­ac­ter bal­ance is a new chal­lenge for Id and the stu­dio ex­pects the game to be in closed beta for a long time.

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