Death Strand­ing

De­vel­oper Ko­jima Pro­duc­tions Pub­lisher SIE For­mat PS4 Re­lease TBA


From high up in the gods at the Shrine Au­di­to­rium, we are not im­me­di­ately sure what is go­ing on. A cur­tain rises, a fig­ure steps out of the shad­ows, and the crowd goes ab­so­lutely spare. As he (she? It?) walks to­wards the front of the stage, the floor lights up be­neath him in time with his step. It is a rock­star en­trance. Kanye? Nope, Hideo Ko­jima, here to un­veil his baf­fling, and baf­flingly quickly de­vised, new game.

Ko­jima is such an odd­ball, and such a tease, that it’s tempt­ing to think he just pulled this idea out of his back­side one morn­ing. Get Nor­man Ree­dus in a mo­cap stu­dio for a day, plug the re­sults into a third­party en­gine, and sur­round it with a load of opaque sym­bol­ism that, in five or ten years or how­ever long it takes for Ko­jima’s lat­est fever dream to be­come re­al­ity, could rea­son­ably be con­nected to any­thing. Job done.

Still, it had the de­sired ef­fect. Tongues wagged fu­ri­ously about what sort of game Death Strand­ing, with its naked Ree­dus, its dead baby, its sea crea­tures and inky teth­ers, could pos­si­bly be. Ko­jima gave few in­ter­views and gave away even less about the game be­hind a teaser which, he ad­mit­ted, was put to­gether in a cou­ple of months. He in­sists the con­cept is in place, though, and that the game will be in full pro­duc­tion just as soon as he set­tles on which en­gine to use.

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