Se­ri­ous Sam VR

De­vel­oper Croteam Pub­lisher De­volver Dig­i­tal For­mat Rift, Vive Re­lease 2016


De­spite ev­ery­thing we know about first­per­son lo­co­mo­tion in VR, we couldn’t help but be se­duced by the idea of play­ing Se­ri­ous Sam in a head­set. And on don­ning the Vive kit it turns out that Croteam has our back, as this ver­sion of Sam is happy to only move within a small ra­dius while he waits for the en­e­mies to come to him. Glow­ing health and ammo icons must be tar­geted amid the chaos, and you can spend coins on up­grad­ing your arse­nal be­tween rounds. Stand­ing in Sam’s world, blast­ing fa­mil­iar beasts while duel wield­ing is ini­tially thrilling, but it’s soon clear nau­sea should’ve been the least of our wor­ries. Guns feel in­ac­cu­rate for the most part, and with­out the abil­ity to move around the lev­els, the en­e­mies’ en­trenched be­hav­iours quickly feel te­dious. Se­ri­ous Sam has never been about sub­tlety or com­plex­ity, but this twist feels a lit­tle too dumb.

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