Dead Ris­ing 4

De­vel­oper Cap­com Van­cou­ver Pub­lisher Mi­crosoft Stu­dios For­mat PC, Xbox One Re­lease De­cem­ber 6


We can’t help but feel a warm glow dur­ing our open­ing mo­ments with Dead

Ris­ing 4. It’s noth­ing to do with the crowd of shuf­fling liv­ing dead we’re in the process of im­mo­lat­ing us­ing an ad-hoc flamethrower – it’s the mul­ti­coloured fairy lights on the Christ­mas tree stand­ing next to us. A well-dec­o­rated tree, it seems, can make any sit­u­a­tion feel fes­tive. We’re also in the com­pany of a cou­ple of old friends: Dead Ris­ing 4 sees Frank West re­turn to Wil­lamette for the hol­i­days, along with sev­eral-thou­sand un­in­vited guests.

Tak­ing place one year af­ter Dead Ris­ing 3 (and 16 years af­ter West’s first Wil­lamette run in), you must dis­cover the cause of yet an­other out­break in the mall as a shady mil­i­tary or­gan­i­sa­tion at­tempts to cover it up. This also means a re­turn for West’s pho­to­jour­nal­ism (and pre­sum­ably peep­ing Tom) skills, and he can also now take self­ies which should ri­val GTAV’s. For some rea­son, Cap­com doesn’t think that the pho­tog­ra­phy me­chanic will gel with co-op, so that has been re­moved, but there will still be com­pet­i­tive mul­ti­player for up to four.

The mil­i­tary pres­ence in Wil­lamette doesn’t just pro­vide a stream of bosses, as the care­less sol­diers have left a bunch of exo suits ly­ing around which give West su­per­hu­man strength. Wear­ing one, you can fling cars, tear park­ing me­ters from the ground for blud­geon­ing en­e­mies, and use highly de­struc­tive ad­vanced mil­i­tary weaponry. Sig­nif­i­cantly, there is no longer a timer at play, al­low­ing play­ers the free­dom to ex­per­i­ment with geno­cide at their leisure.

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