State Of Mind

De­vel­oper/pub­lisher Daedelic En­ter­tain­ment For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease 2017


We’re hardly lack­ing for bleak near-fu­ture set­tings, nor utopian vir­tual worlds, but State Of Mind, whose story comes from the pen of au­thor Martin Gan­te­föhr, presents a po­ten­tially thought­pro­vok­ing du­al­ity. Play­ing as a Ber­lin-based jour­nal­ist, you chance upon a clan­des­tine VR project, to which your mind and those of your wife and son have been trans­ferred. But the data trans­fer for your own up­load hasn’t fully worked, leav­ing you ex­ist­ing in both the real world and as a frag­men­tary iden­tity within an­other re­al­ity. With the abil­ity to switch be­tween both realms, your ob­jec­tive is to lo­cate your fam­ily and re­unify your two ex­is­tences. The an­gu­lar art style is strik­ing, while the choice of soul singer Faada Freddy to sound­track the trailer sug­gests this will be a more dis­tinc­tive kind of dystopia than we’re used to.

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