Feral Rites

De­vel­oper In­som­niac Pub­lisher Ocu­lus Stu­dios For­mat Rift Re­lease 2016


Like Chronos, Feral Rites takes a tra­di­tional third­per­son ad­ven­ture tem­plate and trans­poses it to VR. But un­like Gun­fire Games’ ef­fort, what we see of Feral Rites strug­gles to jus­tify its sta­tus as a VR ti­tle. Play­ing like a com­part­men­talised Mark Of

Kri, you move be­tween small ar­eas bor­dered by blue lines, which de­note when your view­point will switch to the next po­si­tion, where you solve some sim­ple en­vi­ron­men­tal puz­zles while brawl­ing with en­e­mies. De­spite its car­toon­ish aes­thetic, the game is sur­pris­ingly vi­o­lent, al­low­ing you to per­form grisly fin­ish­ing moves af­ter soft­en­ing up en­e­mies with your weak and strong at­tacks. In­som­niac prom­ises deeper use of VR later on in the game, but a big­ger prob­lem is the pon­der­ous move­ment speed, which plods along at a pace seem­ingly de­signed to pre­vent nau­sea rather than for fun.

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