Let It Die

De­vel­oper Grasshop­per Man­u­fac­ture Pub­lisher Gungho On­line En­ter­tain­ment For­mat PS4 Re­lease 2016


We’re us­ing an iron pipe and try­ing to stove in the head of a health-giv­ing frog while wear­ing noth­ing but a pair of grubby un­der­pants. It’s cer­tainly an un­usual sit­u­a­tion, but given it has arisen from the mind of Killer7 and No More He­roes cre­ator Suda51, per­haps not an en­tirely sur­pris­ing one. His first flir­ta­tion with free-to-play is a deliri­ous Rogue­like that chan­nels Dark Souls’ bru­tal­ity and con­trol scheme, but not its majesty. There’s a fa­mil­iar rhythm of lock­ing on, blocking and straf­ing, but hack­ing away at en­e­mies feels light­weight. Af­ter each death, you’ll start again as a new char­ac­ter in noth­ing but your skivvies – though some items will re­main yours, not least those you’ve ponied up real cash for – and there’s an in­trigu­ing Souls- flavoured twist on Forza’s Dri­vatars, in which fallen play­ers’ stats gen­er­ate tough en­e­mies in your world.

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