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Alien FPSes aren’t es­pe­cially ex­cit­ing these days, but

Far­point stands out for its pe­riph­eral, the PSVR Aim Con­troller, de­vel­oped along­side the game by young San Fran­cisco stu­dio Im­pulse Gear. While it’s not ex­actly easy on the eye – one on­looker win­ningly de­scribed it as a grey-mar­ket knock­off of an Ap­ple sex toy – Far­point’s gun pe­riph­eral is its USP. A VR shooter feels much more nat­u­ral when you’re hold­ing some­thing with both hands. An ana­logue stick, mean­while, nes­tles be­neath your thumb on the stock, and en­ables free move­ment.

Sadly, Sony’s creak­ing Move tech­nol­ogy isn’t as up to the task as the Vive and Rift equiv­a­lents, but it does the job well enough with gen­er­ous au­toaim. Generic as its ac­tion is, Far­point is a fine ex­am­ple of the way VR adds a new di­men­sion to even the most well-mined of gen­res.

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