Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls


Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls, fea­tur­ing Hil­lary Clin­ton

“I wasn’t so en­thused… It’s taken me years and years to catch up with them, and it’s be­cause I didn’t like these goofy games.” Spiel­berg and Lu­cas al­ways loved tech, while Martin Scors­ese couldn’t see the point, which he reck­ons left him in their wake

“I don’t know who cre­ated Poké­mon Go but I’m try­ing to fig­ure out how we get them to Poké­mon Go to the polls!” United States Of Amer­ica pres­i­den­tial hope­ful Hil­lary Clin­ton gets her “How do you do, fel­low kids?” mo­ment out of the way nice and early

“We think hav­ing a new ma­chine com­ing is go­ing to help the in­dus­try to con­tinue

to grow and to take a lot more ca­sual play­ers back to the in­dus­try.”

Yves “The GamePad can be as revo­lu­tion­ary as the Wi­imote” Guille­mot bigs up NX. We hope he’s right

“You have three choices: you can spend your own money, you can lie, or you can do what you’re told. And, gen­er­ally, we’ve al­ways cho­sen that we’ll just do what we’re told…”

Fear­gus Urquhart paints a de­press­ing pic­ture of work-for-hire life at Ob­sid­ian

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