Peer pres­sure


Balanc­ing the level of vis­ual clar­ity is an im­por­tant con­cern. As things stand, Capy might have to field a few an­gry calls from chi­ro­prac­tors or op­ti­cians: for much of the ten hours we spend with the lat­est build we find our­selves lean­ing into the screen, our nose mere inches from our mon­i­tor. And yet, in do­ing so, we be­come more at­tuned to our avatar, as they too peer into the gloom. “That’s the kind of thing we talk about!” Vella says. “Some­times I feel like a weirdo talk­ing about stuff like that, but games are not just about ‘press but­ton, make ac­tion’, they’re about how the player is ac­tu­ally play­ing.” In other words, put the La-Z-Boy away:

is de­signed to be played on the edge of your seat, not the back.

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