Re­ject­ing au­thor­ity


Founded in 1992, Re­bel­lion is one of the UK’s long­est-run­ning in­de­pen­dent stu­dios, but with its new­found abil­ity to self­fund, we won­der if Kings­ley feels this is a re­birth. “Some­body de­scribed us as a ‘su­per in­die’, and I said, ‘Well, I kind of get that, but we were sort of in­die be­fore in­die was a thing,” he says. “That sounds a bit hip­ster, doesn’t it? In some ways it is a re­birth. But it’s been three years, so it doesn’t re­ally feel like, ‘Ooh, right, it’s Tues­day – now we’re fully in­de­pen­dent’. And games take a long time to make, so I guess Bat­tle­zone will be our first fully self­pub­lished ti­tle. Maybe an­other way of put­ting it is that if I was go­ing to write a book about Re­bel­lion, this would be the point where we fin­ish a chap­ter and start the next one.”

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