Rise Of Iron fea­tures just five story mis­sions ( Th eTaken King had eight) and a sin­gle new Strike, though two oth­ers are be­ing re­made with Devil Splicers en­e­mies through­out. If that feels slen­der, there’ll be plenty to keep you busy: as in TheTaken King, quest­lines will con­tinue long af­ter the story’s over, while the new Ar­chon’s Forge arena builds on last year’s Court Of Oryx with a se­ries of sum­mon­able boss bat­tles. A new Skele­ton Key item guar­an­tees a re­ward at the end of a Strike – mu­sic to the ears of any­one who wasted count­less evenings killing Om­nigul over and over in the hope of get­ting the Grasp Of Malok pulse ri­fle. While the re­lease of the new raid will see the max­i­mum Light level rise to 400, your time with Rise Of Iron will be as much about the aes­thetic qual­i­ties of your load­out as its nu­mer­i­cal power. Shaders will fi­nally af­fect class items and weapons, while a new item type, Or­na­ments, al­lows you to change the ap­pear­ance of weapons and ar­mour. Fash­ion­istas re­joice.

A full fireteam with Gjal­larhorns? What is this – 2014? Also re­turn­ing is the poi­sonous pis­tol Thorn, mak­ing a new ar­ti­fact that coun­ters DOT ef­fects es­sen­tial for the Cru­cible. New ex­otics in­clude a pulse ri­fle with cra­nium-seek­ing ord­nance, and an auto ri­fle with se­lectable fire modes

Sadly, Sal­adin’s flam­ing axe is a Relic, used at cer­tain points in mis­sions (and, it seems safe to as­sume, the new raid) rather than be­ing a fix­ture in your in­ven­tory. Bungie hints at the pres­ence of other Relics, too

Lars Bakken (right), lead de­signer of Rise Of Iron’s Cru­cible, and Steve Cot­ton (far right), lead world de­signer

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