Last year Bungie ac­knowl­edged it needed to com­mu­ni­cate bet­ter with play­ers – not just about the cur­rent state of Des­tiny, but its fu­ture, too. One of VP of game de­vel­op­ment Jonty Barnes’ first or­ders of busi­ness when we meet is to con­firm the re­turn of Hal­lowe’en event Fes­ti­val Of The Lost and Spar­row Rac­ing League, which de­buted last De­cem­ber. Yet when we sug­gest Bungie go even fur­ther than that, the PR rep sit­ting nearby vis­i­bly tenses up. “We’re con­stantly ques­tion­ing whether our plans are the right plans,” Barnes says. “Right now I’m think­ing about Destiny2 and the fol­low­ing set of con­tent as the bench­mark, but re­ally, Rise Of Iron is chang­ing the way we think about things. You can’t get too at­tached to a plan; we’ve had to be very non­spe­cific about some of our ideas. We’ve got ideas from the orig­i­nal Des­tiny we still want to do one day. Part of the rea­son we haven’t been as forth­com­ing as we would have liked is there were some piv­ots. Com­ing off Des­tiny 1, the thirst peo­ple had for new con­tent… Now we’re struc­tured much bet­ter, we know what we want to ac­com­plish, and we know we want to tell peo­ple about them ahead of time. Those things are com­ing.”

While the War­lock and Hunter vari­ants of the Iron Lord ar­mour are more me­dieval than sci-fi, the Ti­tan set goes in com­pletely the other di­rec­tion. That’s no sur­prise: as any­one who’s ever been Shoul­der Charged round a cor­ner in the Cru­cible will at­test, Ti­tans are an ob­nox­ious bunch

VP of game de­vel­op­ment Jonty Barnes has been work­ing at Bungie for just over ten years

The leg­endary guns we’re given are no dif­fer­ent to ex­ist­ing gear in terms of perks, but the ad­di­tion of a new friendly fac­tion may change that. All Tak­enKing gear can be in­fused up to the new max Light level

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