By the time game di­rec­tor McLough­lin joined the team, the spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the Toy Pad had been mostly fi­nalised, but the way in which those ca­pa­bil­i­ties could be used to cre­ate play had not. “We had ideas and some worked bet­ter than oth­ers,” he re­calls. “There was a rhythm-ac­tion sec­tion, but that didn’t work well in test­ing.” In the end, most of the me­chan­ics used the base’s unique colour-switch­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties. “Every­thing was de­vel­oped with colour in mind,” McLough­lin says. “Colour al­lowed us to cre­ate puz­zles around colour mix­ing, and to eas­ily link colours to dif­fer­ent ele­men­tal abil­i­ties. With­out colour, a lot of the game’s fea­tures would have been far harder to pull off.”

TT Games in­cludes many lead­ing lights in the Le­gob­uild­ing com­mu­nity. The of­fice is stud­ded with their cre­ations, such as this Tardis scale replica

Year One’s char­ac­ters will meld with Year Two’s. Feed Gizmo the Scooby Snack from the Scooby Doo Pack, for ex­am­ple, and he will turn into a Grem­lin

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