God of lore


Eleven years on from Kratos’ de­but, Bar­log is po­si­tion­ing Kratos’ PS4 de­but as the be­gin­ning of the sec­ond chap­ter of his life. That’s a rather drawn-out open­ing act. “We spent seven games look­ing at the story of Kratos, the birth of the an­ti­hero,” Bar­log says, be­fore point­ing to the TV se­ries Ar­row, which starts out cast­ing its pro­tag­o­nist as a trau­ma­tised, re­venge­ful mur­derer, then al­lows him to re­deem him­self in the sec­ond sea­son. “To take some­one who’s been all the way to the brink and get peo­ple to ac­tu­ally root for them, to feel some­thing… the idea of not us­ing that for Kratos is just crazy.”

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