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You might think a game whose ap­peal hinges upon ac­cli­ma­tis­ing to its rules might lack re­play value, but Fu­ture Un­fold­ing should play a lit­tle differently each time. It uses a com­bi­na­tion of pro­ce­dural gen­er­a­tion and man­ual de­sign, so that while the lay­out of the world and the be­hav­iours of its flora and fauna will be dif­fer­ent, the puz­zles can be more tightly con­trolled by the de­sign­ers. There will al­ways be some form of dan­ger lurk­ing, though even ap­par­ent threats can be­come use­ful: in one playthrough we use two snakes to clear a block­ade of boul­ders.

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