Luck of the draw


There are al­ways luck el­e­ments to CCGs, down purely to the card-draw me­chanic. The big­gest here are Prophe­cies. Ev­ery five health points you lose un­locks a free card. If it’s one with the Prophecy ef­fect, you can use it for free, in the mid­dle of the other player’s turn. (Drawn nat­u­rally, it has a cost like any other.) It might be a free min­ion, or some­thing like a fire­ball spell that will take out the unit the other player just put down. Play­ers miss­ing el­e­ments such as Magic: The Gath­er­ing’s ‘de­clare blocker’ stage may ap­pre­ci­ate the ad­di­tional nudge away from Hearth­stone’s pure turns, but mostly it’s an an­noy­ing mid-turn dis­trac­tion that can’t re­ally be played around or pre­dicted well enough to feel like a tac­ti­cal ad­di­tion.

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