How a change of scenery can help turn a cor­ner

Stu­ga­neer Ivan No­taroš is from Ser­bia, and his game House Of Flow­ers is fo­cused on the war in Yu­goslavia dur­ing the ’90s. In it, you deal with food ra­tioning and try to avoid the draft in a hugely in­ter­ac­tive world. “I had taken a break be­cause the game is so big,” No­taroš says. “I needed time to fo­cus, and here I have two months to do that. There are so many new ideas com­ing into my mind here, just talk­ing to others. There are dis­trac­tions, but this place also keeps me fo­cused. In Ser­bia I see things ev­ery day that dis­tract me. At Stu­gan I’m kind of de­tached from it and can look at it from the out­side.”

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