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Pos­ses­sion is nine-tenths of the laws of na­ture


Pos­ses­sion is nine-tenths of the laws of na­ture in Lost Em­ber

Like a gen­tler, more eco­log­i­cally minded

Body Har­vest, Moon­eye Stu­dios’ Lost Em­ber goes out of its way not to re­strict you to a sin­gle shell or set of abil­i­ties. While the cen­tral pro­tag­o­nist of the game is a no­blelook­ing grey wolf, you have the power to pos­sess any an­i­mal you en­counter amid the ruins of a fallen civil­i­sa­tion. You’ll need to get close to ef­fect the switch, and that will be eas­ier in some cases than in others – birds will re­quire a care­ful ap­proach, for ex­am­ple. Once pos­sessed, you can con­trol the crea­ture in­def­i­nitely, just so long as you are close to other mem­bers of the same species.

“The idea to play as an­i­mals was one of the first things we set­tled on, be­cause, well, ev­ery­body loves an­i­mals,” Moon­eye CEO and pro­gram­mer To­bias Graff tells us. “Some of our big­gest in­spi­ra­tions are games like

Jour­ney, Shel­ter and Ev­ery­body’s Gone To The Rap­ture. We didn’t want to stress the player with fast com­bat ac­tion or hard puz­zles, and in­stead of­fer ways to have amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ences within our world.”

Moon­eye plans to launch a Kick­starter cam­paign in the near fu­ture, and hopes to re­lease Lost Em­ber in 2018.

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