The on­screen prompt to “De­stroy” every­thing in NMS makes me gen­uinely quite sad. It’s like a fos­sil fuel com­pany’s fil­ter on the world.

Ed Key @ed­clef Cre­ator, Pro­teus The de­sign is: ‘Here’s an in­fi­nite pro­ce­dural world. I hid a game in here, see if you can find it’– Dag­ger­fall, Merce­nary,

Elite and NMS. Ben­nett Foddy @bfod In­die de­vel­oper Game de­sign se­crets: I in­creased en­emy health and dam­age by 20% the day be­fore ME2 went gold and didn’t tell any­one. Christina Norman @truf­fle De­signer, MassEf­fect2

Ok, back to NoMan’sSky. At least there I can leave the planet if I dis­cover dis­gust­ing in­dige­nous life forms. Chris Kluwe @ChrisWar­craft Re­tired NFL kicker

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