Mob Dick

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ecol­ogy ex­tends from over­sized bee­tles that help spread plantlife by in­gest­ing and ex­cret­ing seeds, to gi­gan­tic sky whales that arise in­fre­quently from the deadly clouds at the ar­chi­pel­ago’s base. They’re per­sis­tent and evolv­ing en­ti­ties, grow­ing over time and even re­tain­ing bat­tle dam­age be­tween en­coun­ters. It’s pos­si­ble more ob­ses­sive play­ers will de­velop a Cap­tain Ahab com­plex to­wards a par­tic­u­larly elu­sive or re­silient whale, pur­su­ing it to their own de­struc­tion. “You’ll get to the point where you have this an­cient, leg­endary crea­ture, just be­cause it’s sur­vived in the world since it was a lit­tle baby,” Wil­liams says. “And it’s now a leg­end in the world, but not be­cause we made it that way.”

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