Com­bat is Unbox’s most ob­vi­ous weak link. In the main, your only at­tack is a slam move, which gains power the higher you leap. But since you’re fight­ing boxes that move at sim­i­lar speed to your own, you’re bet­ter off re­peat­edly jump­ing and slam­ming around the same spot un­til your ag­gres­sors dis­ap­pear. It’s of­ten quicker to dis­patch them this way than with the pro­jec­tile weapons you’re handed for some mis­sions, as the aim­ing ret­i­cle can take a few sec­onds to home in. By which time they’ll likely have fired on your po­si­tion, curs­ing you with a ball and chain or a clus­ter of bal­loons that car­ries you high into the air be­fore pop­ping. This chaotic ap­proach works much bet­ter in the splitscreen mul­ti­player mode.

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