Le­gion takes place across a new land­mass, The Bro­ken Isles. It’s split up into five new zones to ex­plore, four of which can be vis­ited in any or­der thanks to the new level-sync­ing sys­tem. There’s also a new start­ing zone for play­ers who pick the De­mon Hunter, which sets up the hero’s tragic nar­ra­tive suit­ably be­fore throw­ing them into Dalaran, the main city hub from where you’ll set out. Ex­ist­ing ar­eas of Aze­roth don’t go en­tirely un­touched: as you travel around th­ese older lo­ca­tions, bespoke in­va­sion sce­nar­ios can oc­cur, draw­ing play­ers to­gether to take on in­com­ing hordes of en­e­mies and bosses. A leaf out of Guild Wars 2’ s big book of dy­namic event chains, per­haps?

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