Whole new ball game


The mode lineup is heavy on favourites like Dom­i­na­tion, re­flect­ing the needs of COD’s es­ports scene. Just two new modes have been re­vealed: Fron­tier, which has yet to be de­tailed in full, and De­fender, which is es­sen­tially a ver­sion of tour­na­ment favourite Uplink with­out team goals. Play­ers must grab a ball-shaped satel­lite to score points un­til the ball respawns at the map’s cen­tre. As in Uplink, you can coun­ter­at­tack while in pos­ses­sion by hurl­ing the ball into your as­sailant’s hands, dis­arm­ing them while you bring your own gun to bear. Among in­nu­mer­able tweaks, the mul­ti­player HUD la­bels ar­eas on the mini map and, in some modes, guides you to ob­jec­tives.

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