Deep in a cor­ner of the Plague­lands is the Ar­chon’s Forge, an en­closed arena in which you can sum­mon en­coun­ters and boss bat­tles, sim­i­lar to The Taken King’s Court Of Oryx. But what should be an evo­lu­tion of the Court’s bet­ter ideas in­stead feels like a step back. Match­mak­ing is sketchy, loot drop rates are miserly, and the items re­quired to kick off a fight are hard to come by and even harder to hold, since you’re lim­ited to one per char­ac­ter. Crazily, if you don’t jump down from the hold­ing room into the arena within a few sec­onds of start­ing a fight, you’re locked out for its du­ra­tion. Full of prom­ise but poorly de­signed, a fix should be at the top of Bungie’s to-do list. Ex­pe­ri­ence tells us not to hold our breath.

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