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The things that caught our eye dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of E299


Valve’s long-ru­moured as­sault on the liv­ing room may have failed to shake up the in­dus­try, but on this ev­i­dence the Steam Ma­chine project may yet have a fu­ture else­where. Ini­tially an­nounced un­der the name Steam­boy, then Smach Zero, this portable SteamOS PC was fi­nally playable in pro­to­type form at Gamescom, and has a cam­paign launch­ing soon on Kick­starter. Avail­able in two con­fig­u­ra­tions, Smach Z will sup­port over 1,000 Steam games, its dual-touch­pad setup mim­ick­ing that of a Steam Con­troller. Mag­netic at­tach­ments al­low you to play us­ing a D-pad and face but­tons, too, mak­ing this not only the first portable Steam PC, but also the new stan­dard in hand­held emu­la­tion.


GTA drive

Teach­ing self-driv­ing car AI the rules of the road. Watch out, pedes­tri­ans

Girl power-up

Next from Sony Santa Mon­ica: a game-de­sign badge for US girl scouts


PSVR’s demo disc adds a hearty glug of nostal­gia to Sony’s fu­ture vi­sion

Core blimey

Miyazaki con­firms FromSoft is at work on a new Ar­mored Core


Hogs of gore

Fun-lov­ing PETA wants pig slaugh­ter in Farm­ing Sim­u­la­tor 17

Guardian down

It wouldn’t be The Last Guardian with­out one more de­lay, would it?

Don’t Touch

Some (cough) rare bad news for Ocu­lus: £190 for Touch controllers

Can’t spell cheap

EA’s of­fer to li­cense Ice­land’s na­tional team for FIFA 17? $15,000


Sure was con­sid­er­ate of Palmer Luckey to bring VR to the masses so they can es­cape the night­mare ter­ror world he hopes to usher in. Nathan Grayson @Vahn16 Re­porter, Ko­taku

Sil­i­con Val­ley (TV) will have to up its game to com­pete with Sil­i­con Val­ley (RL). Matthew Wig­gins @wiggo CTO, MakieLab

Well, they’re pretty sim­i­lar, Vive is from the guys that made Half-Life, and Ocu­lus is from a meme-lov­ing 4chan-dwelling Trump-fan fuck­ball. Ca­bel Sasser @ca­bel Co-founder, Panic Inc

That Ocu­lus Rift Kick­starter sure had weird stretch goals. Tim Daw­son @iron­i­cac­count Co-founder, un­der, Witch Beam

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