FI­RAXIS One of the best games I’ve played is Star­Craft:

Brood War, es­pe­cially the Skir­mish mode. There are tons of in­di­vid­ual parts in that game that come to­gether into some­thing re­ally spe­cial. Star­Craft has good pro­gres­sion, in­tro­duc­ing new prob­lems to the player and hav­ing then over­come them, mov­ing onto the next part of the game, start­ing with, “Where are my re­sources?” and mov­ing up to, “How am I go­ing to win with my units?” The asym­me­try of the forces is ex­cel­lent, too. Each side feels dis­tinct and has a dis­tinct way to play, but they’re all bal­anced against each other. Then the whole thing is wrapped up with great art and au­dio. Brood War builds on Star­Craft in re­ally smart ways, and it’s one of the games I like best.

Star­Craft: Brood War (left) was the game’s third ex­pan­sion, but the first by Bliz­zard. Star­siege: Tribes (above) hit early highs for the squad-based shooter genre

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