Sam Lake


Rem­edy En­ter­tain­ment The best game for me is Half-Life 2, which is to the first Half-Life as The Lord Of The Rings is to The Hob­bit, or Aliens is to Alien, to draw a more fit­ting anal­ogy. Build­ing on what came be­fore and at the same time, in so many ways, boldly, even madly, rein­vent­ing what it is about and build­ing a big­ger world. Some­thing that be­gan as a clever and claus­tro­pho­bic sci­ence-fic­tion catas­tro­phe story sud­denly evolved and ex­panded into a tale of a saviour com­ing to a unique and be­liev­able dystopian set­ting.

Half-Life 2 took many as­pects – large and small – of a first­per­son shooter and crys­tallised the de­sign, pac­ing, lan­guage and rules of the genre and per­fected them. When you look at the game as a larger whole – in­clud­ing the fur­ther ex­plo­ration done in Episode One and Two, and The Or­ange Box with

Por­tal, which is also set in the same world – it gives us a huge, am­bi­tious, im­mer­sive videogame ex­pe­ri­ence with a con­nected uni­verse, de­liv­ered with stag­ger­ing show­man­ship.

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