As in the first game, you must col­lect Runes – lo­cated us­ing Em­press Jes­samine’s heart – to up­grade your pow­ers and skills. Bone Charms, mean­while, prof­fer other ad­van­tages, such as in­creased climb­ing speed, greater lung ca­pac­ity or un­nerv­ing en­e­mies to the point at which they more reg­u­larly fum­ble a grenade throw. Now you can also craft your own Runes and Bone Charms from raw whale­bone that you find around the lev­els. You can build in up to four traits, and even stack the same one for ad­di­tional po­tency, but be­fore you fully up­grade your craft­ing abil­ity there’s a chance of cre­at­ing a cor­rupted charm. These im­per­fect carv­ings of­fer ad­van­tages that come with a cost: Ar­mored Bones, for ex­am­ple, re­duces both the dam­age you take but also your move­ment speed.

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