Watch Dogs 2’ s up­grade sys­tem lies in the Re­search app on Hol­loway’s phone, where new skills can be bought us­ing Re­search Points ac­crued as your fol­lower count passes cer­tain mile­stones. But once you reach the up­per tiers of each up­grade cat­e­gory you’ll also need Key Data, a series of pick­ups hid­den in de­vi­ous cor­ners of the Bay Area. Some re­quire thought­ful plat­form­ing; oth­ers a Pipe Ma­nia- style puz­zle to shut down a se­cu­rity sys­tem. Oth­ers in­sist on an of­ten pun­ish­ingly dif­fi­cult in­fil­tra­tion of a highly for­ti­fied out­post – af­ter a few fruit­less hours, we ac­cepted that we won’t be in­creas­ing our IED carry ca­pac­ity any time soon. Still, we ap­pre­ci­ate the at­tempt to bring the skill tree into the world it­self, rather than have it be an ar­bi­trary mea­sure of progress through the game.

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