Zom­bies mode is rarely a the­matic fit for Call Of Duty, but rarely has the dis­par­ity been so stark as here. Drop­ping up to four play­ers in a B-movie shoot at an ’80s theme park, cast­ing them as nerd, jock, b-boy or bimbo, Zom­bies In Space­land is the most brazenly camp ’80s pas­tiche since Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It’s al­ways been a silly mode, but rev­els in it here, from the li­censed ’80s sound­track to the daft ar­ray of buffs and mod­i­fiers you pick up as you progress. When Sun­glasses At Night comes on the ra­dio, a pair of shades spawns on the map, your re­duced, monochro­matic vi­sion a step on the path to ac­quir­ing one of the mode’s won­der weapons. Charm­ingly stupid.

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