Mega Poké­mon? Old news. Sun and Moon have Ul­tra Beasts, pow­er­ful oth­er­worldly crea­tures that can only be cap­tured in spe­cial Pokéballs. They’re cen­tral to the game’s ec­cen­tric plot, which in­volves a sus­pi­ciously vir­tu­ous foun­da­tion set up to pro­tect en­dan­gered species, and fac­tor heav­ily in the postgame. The most ab­sorb­ing of the re­main­ing side ac­tiv­i­ties has you vis­it­ing spots to snap Poké­mon in their nat­u­ral habi­tat: your shots are sub­se­quently rated on an in-game so­cial me­dia site, with pos­i­tive com­ments adding up to cam­era up­grades.

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